Me contacté con un par de chicos que estuvieron trabajando en la empresa que voy a ir, una de ellas, Portuguesa me contó lo siguiente:

Gilda Maria
  • Hola, María, english is not a problem. After all, I went to Sri Lanka to learn English! :)

    Tony is a great guy - full of great ideas!
    I lived in Colombo in 2004, so I'm not sure about the prices of stuff any more. I was in a student placement and my monthly salary was 18000 rupees and I remember having lots of fun living in Sri Lanka.
    The people are lovely and the food is amazing! (if you like spicy food!)

El caso es que yo no tolero la comida picante :( ! Igual descubrí que el trabajo queda frente a un Mc Donalds. Imagino 3 opciones: O me convierto en obesa tragahamburguesas, o me empieza a gustar la comida picante, o me cocino mi propia comida todo el año.

  • El chico, de Bélgica, me respondió: 

    Frederic Lambrechts
    • Hello there!

      No worries. Sri Lanka was wonderful. Stayed there 14 months while leaving initially for a 7 month internship with a one way ticket. Absolutely must do if you're open for a diffent way of seeing & doing things. Sri Lankans are really nice and the country magnificent. I continued my trip with an additional trip to India :) Also, you can do nice trips to the Maldives. :)



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