La cosa empezó cuando leí esta job description, mandé CV, tuve 3 entrevistas por Skype, intercambié documentos...

Learning points that the intern might obtain during the internshipWorking with large multinational clients, marketing our products both locally and overseas. Also to work with a very creative team who has a passion to build high quality products and services.
Additional information a potential candidate may require for the InternshipGood communication skills a keen eye for layout and design would be advantageous.

Y un día llegó este email: 
Dear Gayathri,
Just wanted to let you know that we are confirming Ms. María Paz Jasdasd Phhkds management internship with C3 Labs for a period of 12 months. Maria needs about 60 days to come to Sri Lanka so the internship will start in early or mid December.
Please speak to her and start making the necessary arrangements.
Best regards
TonyC3 Labs

Entonces me puse a googlear un poco más:



The two main religions are Buddhism and Hinduism, both advocate tolerance. The Westerner should avoid shocking others with indecent dressing, nervousness and impatience. Ceylonese do not appreciate mood swings. Staying calm is a rule of thumb. Remember to take off your shoes and hat before entering a temple. Very important: do not take snapshots in front of a statue or a representation of Buddha. People worship with ardor and mysticism.

(y hace muchos días que no duermo)


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